Hello fastjet family, welcome to Kariba, a true gem tucked away in the heart of southern Africa. Finally, after years of being isolated from the rest of the world, Kariba is back on the Zimbabwe tourism and travel map. For almost two decades Kariba was a destination that many considered, but never had the opportunity to visit due to the unavailability of a reliable and scheduled air service. During these years Kariba became known as one of Zimbabwe’s best-kept secrets.

Kariba town, situated on the lake’s southern shores, welcomes visitors with open arms. More-so today with Africa’s leading value-based airline fastjet introducing flights to Kariba from Zimbabwe’s economic and tourism capitals of Harare and Victoria Falls. The recently added flights to Kariba are certainly a positive boost in restoring tourism for this resort town. Kariba is endowed with mesmerising views that enchant visitors of this border town. Located 380 kilometres north of Harare, Kariba is commonly referred to as Africa’s Riviera and is shared with Zimbabwe and Zambia.

It offers spectacular panoramic views, stunning sunsets, legendary fishing experiences, boat cruises, parasailing, safari, and pristine weather conditions.

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Kariba offers accommodation options from hotels, fishing camps and lakeside to ultra-luxury boutique safari lodges. This charming town has something to offer for everyone, catering to different budgets and preferences. Most accommodation facilities have lake-facing rooms providing an enchanting early morning light and a refreshing breeze.


Everywhere you look in Kariba, fish is the commonality on all menus. Freshly caught fish is delivered to your plate for breakfast, lunch and supper. For the more adventurous visitor, the menus in Kariba have a wide variety of game options ranging from a warthog, antelope, crocodile and even buffalo stew.


At every point in Kariba have access to panoramic views of the lake and mountain. It is recommended to visit the Observation Point and learn more about the Operation Noah project. Wildlife is a common sight in the Kariba, both zebras and elephants often cross paths with locals all be it at a respectable and safe distance. The dam wall is an engineering masterpiece that is worth a visit, where concrete and steel stand in an arc trapping water between the gorges. Mountain elephants are a natural marvel as they traverse ancient paths in search of food and water.


Popular activities in Kariba include game drives, boat cruises, fishing for the legendary tiger fish, touring cultural villages and water sports. The houseboat experience is highly sought after and it is recommended to make a booking well in advance. Every October, Lake Kariba plays host to an international Tiger Fish tournament. Anglers from across the world battle it out with the fierce and powerful tiger fish. The Fish is caught weighed and released. Whoever catches the biggest fish wins the title of the Biggest Catch.


Fastjet operates direct flights to Kariba from Harare and Victoria Falls. Through these flight connections, it is now possible to spend a fishing weekend in Kariba from Johannesburg with a Victoria Falls connection. To secure your flight visit www.fastjet.com