House of Zulu: Every plate is a different story.

Located on the outskirts of the tourist town of Victoria Falls, House of Zulu is a new dining experience in the resort town.

The drive to this establishment takes the same road that leads to Victoria Falls International Airport and the Hwange National Park to catch another fastjet flight, but not yet. Cleopas, my shuttle driver announced, “We are here ladies and gentlemen”.

Safari lanterns perched on wooden poles light a path to the restaurant’s entrance. “Welcome to The House of Zulu”, said a lady as she poured a traditional brew of beer called Umqombothi which was thick and bitter but easy on the throat. I recommend you try this out. The doors are guarded by two Zulu warriors in their traditional attire wearing facial expressions of defiance.

The menu was all traditional with a wide variety of authentic African food sourced from the surrounding villagers and farmers. Peanut butter free-range chicken, roasted beef, mopane worms, goat stew, short grain rice, harshly sliced green vegetables mixed with onions and several options of potatoes.

With a well-decorated plate, I sat down to enjoy my meal and halfway into my dinner the sound of drums and singing filled the thatched-roofed room with dancers delivering traditional melodies in the local Ndebele, Tonga and Nambia languages.

I strongly recommend you take your dancing shoes with you. House of Zulu what an experience.

Image: Image credit The House of Zulu
Nunurai Ndawana